Donor trust in your campaign is your most valuable asset. The more transparency you show to donors, the more support you will get from people. Led by the ambition to increase confidence and trust in your good cause, we have created the HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club.

What will you get as a club member?

As a member of HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club, you will receive the services listed below for free.

  • Advertising for Your Campaign - HelpKarma has a great marketing team that will promote your campaign on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. This way, you will reach tens of thousands of potential donors.
  • Community Support - individuals and organizations will be able to launch fundraisers to support your cause.
  • Personal Fundraising Coach - You will have your own personal trainer who will be with you and teach you how to raise donations more effectively.
  • Professional Video for Your Campaign - Donors are most affected by well-told stories, and HelpKarma will make the best and most emotional video for your campaign. Check out the video our team made for the Wings for Rado campaign.
  • Receive donations from other HelpKarma campaigns – As part of the HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club, you will be able to get donations from HelpKarma campaigns that would like to support you.
  • Inclusion of the campaign into our Email Newsletter – HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club members are further promoted by HelpKarma by sending email newsletters in which we present them to donors.
  • Better HelpKarma positioning – As part of the HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club, your campaign will gain better visibility on the site compared to other campaigns that are not part of the club.
  • Trust - Trust is the most valuable asset for any campaign. HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club gives you the confidence you need to raise funds with full accountability and transparency.

What are the conditions to join?

Your campaign must get donations only through HelpKarma because additionally raising funds through other ways, deprives us of the ability to ensure full accountability and transparency of the donation campaign created.
All public links and texts where you share other ways to raise donations (bank accounts, PayPal, other donation platforms) must be removed.

How does your campaign join the club?

Email us at [email protected] Our team will check if you are eligible and will contact you additionally. 

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