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HelpKarma is a guarantee for safety and transparency. We believe people should feel protected when donating to good causes on HelpKarma.

  1. After every received transfer you need to update and post information about the progress of your campaign.
  2. In order to have maximum transparency, it is recommended that funds are transferred directly to the providers of services (such as hospitals, hotels, transport providers, schools, etc.). It is necessary that you provide with invoice of the payment or a proforma an invoice of the payment.
  3. You can withdraw up to €1,000/$1,000 without a document. By the next transaction, but no later than 60 days after the transfer, you must attach the missing document (cash receipt, other receipt or payment slip).
  4. You can withdraw up to 40% of the amount available without a document but up to €5,000/$5,000. By the next request, but no later than 60 days after the transfer, you must attach the missing document (cash receipt, receipt or payment slip).
  5. The documents (cash receipts, other receipts, payment notes/slips, invoices and proforma invoices) must meet the goals of your campaign.
  6. The documents may be in currencies other than EUR/USD, but their total must necessarily correspond to the euro equivalent of the transaction.
  7. We accept cash receipts, receipts, payment as well as invoices and proforma invoices (in cases where payment is made directly to the service providers). The attached documents should be of the highest quality and should be easily read.
  8. The funds are paid only to the beneficiaries, their guardians or directly to the service providers.
  9. Attention! Uploading the same document more than once is not allowed.
  10. Through HelpKarma, you would be able to pay for the costs and expenses, additional and following your treatment abroad, based on our transparency rules and conditions:
  • All additional costs need to be set and announced in the goals and history of the campaign
  • The additional costs are: transport (airline tickets; domestic/local transportation); accommodation; food; companion; issuing and legalization of documents;
  • HelpKarma may refuse to pay costs if they exceed market prices, are not directly related to the goals of the campaign, and do not meet universal moral values;
  • For all costs and expenses, you need to have attached and submitted clear and detailed payment documents.
  • HelpKarma DOES NOT pay for additional costs and expenses that are harmful and unsafe for the health (alcohol; cigarettes; energy drinks; carbonated drinks; harmful foods and more).
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