In order to be as accountable as possible to the donors, advertisements and promotion are only created for causes that are included in the HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club. Find out more.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouТube and Google is a powerful tool for your cause to reach hundreds of thousands of potential donors. We at HelpKarma are accountable to all of them. They trust the campaigns we promote because they know that we guarantee full transparency and accountability of their donations. In order to be as accountable as possible to the donors, ads are made only for causes that raise funds only through HelpKarma.

  1. The information in your campaign should be up-to-date.
  2. Recent publications should be available in order to keep everyone informed about what's new in your campaign. 
  3. Photos of good quality are required, preferably focused on the campaign’s subject. Photos are the very first thing that grabs people when seeing your ad. That’s why they need to be sufficiently appealing to the audience in order to join the campaign and donate.
  4. Before starting advertising, you need to have a certain amount already collected in your campaign and we will explain why. We won’t charge you a commission fee for creating and managing ads but those will be paid to Facebook or Google. That’s why you need at least some amount available in your campaign. 
  5. Being constantly active and sharing your campaign through the network is essential for success! It would not only help you raise funds faster but it is also a major step for the whole fundraising process, that can only get further upgraded by advertising.

Apply for advertising at [email protected].

Keep in mind that people who raise funds solely through HelpKarma are able to raise the needed amount much faster.

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