To be successful, your campaign should have wide outreach. This way many people will have the chance to get familiar with your fundraising cause and support it. 

Please remember that we are here for you in this important process. We have a team of marketing experts available for you. They can create and manage Facebook, YouTube to Google advertising of your campaign.

We remind you that people who use only HelpKarma as their fundraising platform collect the required amount much faster and advertising is much more effective. 

Before applying for advertising, please read the conditions your campaign has to meet – here.

You may apply for advertising in any of the following ways:  

  1. Write us a message in our Facebook page –
  2. Write us a message in the chat section of our website (in the bottom right corner).
  3. Email your request to: [email protected]

HelpKarma reserves the right to exercise discretion in refusing requests for facebook campaigns  or suspending any ongoing advertisement.

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