There are different ways to share on Facebook so you have to choose the ones you consider more appropriate for you.

  1. Facebook post

Creating a Facebook post is one of the easiest ways to share about your campaign.

When should you share?

It is important to make Facebook posts when most of your friends are online. We advise you that you don’t make posts late at night or at a time when most of your friends and family already work.

What should I say?

Every post must include the following:

  • Short address. Even just “Hello” will work.
  • Link to the campaign on HelpKarma.
  • Request to donate and share the campaign.

Persistence is the key

Don’t forget to share the campaign on a regular basis because one Facebook post will not reach all your friends. We advise you to share your HelpKarma campaign in different hours and days, several times a week to reach a wider range of people.

Share the post in multiple Facebook groups.

    2. Facebook message

Although the Facebook posts are among the easiest ways for sharing the campaign, Facebook messages are the most efficient way to share it. 

Individual messages give the best result

While the group message may seem easier, individual messages are the true way to show to the people how much HelpKarma means to you and how grateful you will be about their donation. When you write a message to a few people, people feel as if they don’t need to donate as they think that the other people in the message will do it.

Additional advice: The more personalised the message is, the bigger your chances of success will be.

What should you write?

A Facebook message must always include:

  • "What" - For what purpose do you raise funds? 
  • "Why" - Why is this important for you?
  • "Appeal" - Don’t forget to ask for support, ask them to share the campaign and to ask their friends and family to do the same.
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