Regular updates for your campaign on HelpKarma are of great significance for its success. Every time you make a post for your campaign, the followers and the donors receive an email message. Thus you will not only keep them informed but you will give them an opportunity to return to the campaign so they may make a donation. Donors prefer supporting causes that have more posts because they are considered more transparent and informative.

You can make a new post and add a photo to it in three places on the site:

  1. The first place is right after you log in with your username and password. There is a window on the top: What do you want to share? Here you can write what you want to share and even add a photo. Click on Choose a campaign, choose your own and click on Publish.
  2. Another place where you can publish is under the documents section on yourcampaign page. The steps are the same, the only difference is you are not required to select a campaign.
  3. A third option is available on the menu Statistics on the page. You will see there a window for making a post.
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