A prerequisite for a successful campaign is a well-written and fascinating story with meaningful photos.

A video however will have a far more powerful impact on donors. They can touch donors’ hearts and may tell your story in such a way that photos can’t achieve.

The video is one of the most powerful instruments, which may be used to make an emotional connection with potential donors, to increase the awareness for your cause and to increase donations.

Here is some good advice to reach maximum impact from your video.

  • The recommended length of the video is 3-4 minutes (about 500 words)
  • It is important that the first 30 seconds give the basic information - introduce yourself and explain your cause clearly.
  • If you feel confused, it is best to write what you want to share in your video beforehand to get your thoughts in order.
  • Speak from your heart. Tell your story frankly and sincerely. This may touch the donors and will inspire them to contribute to your cause.
  • Don’t be scattered. Be clear and concise. Tell your story and share why donors should support your campaign.

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