HelpKarma is the most intelligent platform for fundraising. HelpKarma helps to raise funds in many areas: medicine, charity, sports, family, animals, education, communities, arts, traveling, volunteering, events, religion, funerals, festivals, weddings.

The basic rules of HelpKarma are:

HelpKarma is a fundraising platform

HelpKarma is a platform that enables users to share, seek help and empathy, and raise funds for different purposes and causes. HelpKarma is not a broker, a financial institution or a creditor.

Starting a campaign on HelpKarma is completely free of charge.

You must be at least 18 years old and have registered on the website in order to start a campaign. Creating and maintaining campaign activity is entirely free of charge.

Information in the campaign shall be clear and not misleading.

Every creator of a campaign must provide reliable and correct data concerning its goals and beneficiary. HelpKarma is not responsible for the accuracy and the reliability of the generated information.

The following campaigns are not admissible on HelpKarma

Despite the wide range of campaigns that HelpKarma supports, the campaigns mentioned below will not be allowed:

  • Campaigns related to gambling or lotteries;
  • Campaigns that incite hate (promoting racism, violence, discrimination, fanaticism or intolerability to marginalized groups);
  • Campaigns raising funds for political goals;
  • Campaigns containing pornographic materials;
  • Campaigns that breach law and regulations.

These rules do not cover all possible uses of HelpKarma but are underlying and compulsory for each user.

Get acquainted with our General Terms and Conditions.

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