HelpKarma is the most intelligent and innovative platform for raising funds for personal and public causes. Campaigns registered on HelpKarma enjoy the highest degree of trust and achieve their goal 4x faster.

Our advantages:

  • Trust - Transparency is main priority on HelpKarma. That's why people are trusting us. Learn more here.
  • Quickness - Just a few clicks is all you need to start a campaign. So fast! So easy! Read how to start here.
  • Efficiency - Here you will be raising funds more efficiently than on any other fundraising platform.
  • Access to funds, 24/7 - Raised funds are available to cover your expenses anytime, 24/7.
  • Help and Advice, 24/7 - Our team will be next to you during the whole journey. We are on your disposal every minute of the day.
  • HelpKarma Trust&Safety Club - As a member of HelpKarma Trust & Safety Club, you will receive a lot of exclusive services for free. Read more here.

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