We started HelpKarma with a dream.

To create an opportunity for people to raise funds for good causes very quickly
and transparently. To form a community for mutual help and to help for the
building of joint society.

HelpKarma has always been more than a website or a platform for us. HelpKarma is a
mission in which we put our heart and soul. HelpKarma is connected with values, which we believe in and protect.

Solution of important problems of life

Sometimes these problems are painful. For example raising funds for treatment, which
may save human life. This is something difficult and sometimes too much for the
individual or even for a separate health system. To create opportunity means to give

Fast and easy funds raising

There is a word, which we at HelpKarma dislike. And that word is: Bureaucracy.
Fundraising was too slow. Every minute of a human life is important. Quickness is of
paramount importance.

Fully transparent system

Fundraising is not an easy task. In order to donate, people need to fully trust a given
cause. To see transparency. Where their funds go and how they’re spent. There is total transparency at HelpKarma. Each campaign is verified, there is information about who collects funds and for what. We know how much is raised and how it’s spent. We see many people prefer to donate through HelpKarma as a result of the transparency, which we provide. Many people who have not donated, can do so today.

Supporting good causes

For example:

  • Saving human life;
  • Solving a health issue;
  • Realizing an innermost life or professional dream beneficial for the society.

These good causes are related to saving or creating values. Values that are connected with a better life.

Mutual aid community

We know how difficult it is for someone to fight on their own. It can be impossible. But
you are not alone because there are many people who have gone or will go your way.
Many of them are already a part of HelpKarma. Feisty, strong, full of empathy and
compassion. They are ready to share experience and information for unknown new
opportunities. This is a mutual aid community.

Building a joint society

Solidarity must be built every day. HelpKarma gives an opportunity to people who want to help and contact people that need help. This builds a fair and responsible society.


All this however would not be possible without the core value. Trust. It must be proven
every day. Like a flower, it must be watered daily. Building trust is our common goal.

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