A successful campaign requires a well written and appealing story. A well written story will explain your cause and will engage the donors.

Please follow these steps in order to write a story for your campaign in the best way:

  1. Inform donors whom or why you are raising funds.
  2. Explain how much raising of the funds means to you.
  3. Be specific about the expenses. It is important that the donors know where their money will go.
  4. Be sincere. When you write with your heart, people will feel it and show compassion for your experience.
  5. Cast aside all prejudices. Your story is just as it is. Don’t change it and don’t hide important parts of it.
  6. Remember your main purpose - to win the empathy of donors.


  1. Short paragraphs are easy to read and understand.

    2.  Add subtitles:

Think about subtitles such as “The Story”, “The expenses”, “How you can help?” etc. This is a good way to focus on different parts of the Story.

    3.  Add photos (or videos!)

Photos and videos add incredible power to a story and will significantly raise the success of a campaign.

Read how to choose the perfect photos for your campaign - here.

Read why you should upload a video - here.

   4.   Check your spelling.

Check the text several times to be sure that there are no errors. 

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