Starting a good cause on HelpKarma is absolutely free.

However to enable us to function, continue to develop and improve our revolutionary platform, we deduct a small fee of 5.8% from each donation. We truly believe that this 5.8% helps to make the world a better place. This fee allows us to:

Maintain a great team

People who work for HelpKarma create great products and are great professionals. They believe in the values and the mission of HelpKarma, work with their heart and soul and they are also fairly paid. We can be of best use for the people and be sustainable only if we ensure to our team fair and favourable conditions of work. Thus we may guarantee professionalism and world quality of our services.

Improve HelpKarma

HelpKarma is a technological platform that makes a revolution in raising funds for different good causes. We never stop innovating, developing and improving our products. Our mission is to give hope to the people by providing them the most efficient, easy and transparent way for raising funds. Every day our team does its best to improve and develop HelpKarma.

Invest in security and transparency

In order to donate people should fully trust a given cause. We support a team that approves each campaign on HelpKarma. We guarantee that the donated funds help verified campaigns and are spent expediently and completely transparently. Due to the high level of trust people prefer donating with HelpKarma.

Help the good causes

We are not just a technological platform. Most of all we are a community, a family, hope and support for the people who have campaigns on HelpKarma. The core of all that is the team that trains, helps and advises users how to raise funds for their causes in the fastest and most efficient manner. The people of our team are tenacious, strong and full of empathy and are ready to help everyone.

We know that HelpKarma saves lives. And so it makes the world a better place. The 5.8% fee supports our mission and gives us the chance to continue helping and serving people who need us!

Thank you!

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