HelpKarma is the most efficient way of raising funds for personal and public causes. However a great part of the success of your campaign depends on yourself. To make it easier for you, we have selected a few techniques, which will help you raise the funds you need for your campaign.

1. Post good photos

The campaigns with high quality and appealing photos raise funds twice as fast. The photo is the first thing a donor sees when he/she enters your campaign.

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2. Tell an appealing story

The story should provoke emotions and move donors. But it should also be specific, reliable and provide full details for the purpose of the campaign. Donors should know why their support is important to you and how the raised funds will have a positive impact on your situation.

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3. Always share your campaign

The most important step to the success of your campaign is to share on the social networks and most of all on Facebook. Remember that the more you share the more people will support your good cause. Share bravely and without any worries!

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4. Publish in HelpKarma

Every time you make a post for your campaign, the followers and the donors receive an email message. Thus you will not only keep them informed but you will return them to the page where they may donate again. Donors prefer donating for causes that have more publications because they are considered more transparent and informative.

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5. Consider other ways to promote your campaign

In addition to promoting your cause on social networks and regular publication of news in the campaign, there are also many other ways for raising funds. Here are some of them:

  • Contact the online media and ask them to write an article about your cause.
  • Send an appeal with a link to your campaign to all your contacts in Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.;
  • Send an appeal with a link to your cause to all of your email contacts;
  • Contact companies and ask them to make a donation;
  • Publish appeals in many Facebook groups;
  • Consider other ways to reach donors.

6. Perform your daily tasks

The virtual assistant of HelpKarma is beside you every day. We will give you tasks, which will help you raise funds faster and easier. Just follow them and you will be surprised from the results.

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7. Express your thanks to the donors

Charity is a highly moral act. People donate some of their money in order to help you. One of the important things that you have to do, after each donation, is to thank your donors. HelpKarma provides you the opportunity to do it very fast and easy.

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8. Raise funds only in HelpKarma

HelpKarma provides you the best chance to raise funds for your cause. It has been proven that our campaigns raise funds faster than any other platform in the world. Sharing other methods for donation (bank accounts and personal PayPal accounts) distracts both you and the donors and prevents the complete reporting of the raised funds and the building of long-term confidence. Stay focused on HelpKarma, which is the most efficient!

We wish you success for your campaign!

We remain at your disposal at any time, 24/7!

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